Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Week Designer Turned Overnight Published Author

What do you get with a terminally ill father, a near suicidal brother, a homeless mother and a struggling fashion designer? “A PUBLISHED AUTHOR IN ONE WEEK”. Clothing designer and now published author Houstina Summers has always used her creative gifts to encourage others. Her clothing line Cowgirl Heaven has graced the runways during Los Angeles Fashion Week and has clothed the backs of celebrities like Meagan Good. In 2007, this 5”1 multi-talent needed more than encouragement, she need a breakthrough.

After Doctors gave her father a diagnosis of cancer, he passed away on Fathers day . Just a couple days before, her brother, former platinum recording artist , was battling depression and nearly took his own life in the same bed her father died. Her sister was expecting her first child, and her mother's business rapidly lost sales, which resulted in being evicted onto the street, along with her fifteen year old daughter.

Houstina had battles. She kept a smile on her face while everything around her was crumbling. She kept smiling whenever she looked into the eyes of her little sister and saw her father's reflection. She smiled while inside she was giving up. Who knew that in this time of struggle she would give birth to one of the most thrilling love stories of our time. After receiving a vision, Houstina starting writing. It only took five months to complete the entire manuscript and only one week for a local publishing house to decide to publish her first novel, “Angelica’s Revenge”.

In my opinion this novel has changed my perspective about real unconditional love and will soon become a worldwide Best seller.Her Novel is also being reviewed for, Oprah's Book Club.

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