Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Angelica's Revenge, A Novel By Houstina Summers

copyright (c) 2009 By Houstina Summers

This plague has pierced our neighborhoods, it has pierced our schools, and now, it will pierce our hearts. The number of lives taken from gang violence has doubled since 1980 from 150,000 victims to a whopping 300,000 victims. This pestilence of devastation has showered our news channels, and is regular in our daily newspapers. No one appears to have a solution, until now.

The theory that, "Love conquers all" has been quoted by many renowned scholars and writers, but in the story of “Angelica Revenge” this concept will be put to the test.

This romantic thriller introduces two characters, an African American male (Trayvon), and a Hispanic male (Mario) that are apart of two rival gangs. The two men’s unsympathetic hatred towards one another became dangerous when Mario’s twin brother Manny is slain due to Trayvon’s jealous rage. Revenge fuels Mario’s anger and he then takes the lives of Trayvon’s parents, in which the results are havoc within the community.

Mario’s grandmother, Roseanna, believes that something needed to be done in order to save the life of her only grandchild, and the community where he was raised. Through her prayers she asked for an Angel, and her plea for mercy came in the form of a woman, Trayvon’s sister Josie. Throughout the story even with the hate of the opposite race, Josie captivated the heart of Mario and brought comfort to his dying grandmother.

On April 25, 2007 I was blessed with a vision, a vision that will help our children from falling victim of this continual plague of hatred. It will provide a sense of ease to frightened parents, and help make our schools become a safe place to learn in the new century.